Party Unity in Free-Style Role-Play Concepts A. Traits B. Task Resolution C. Skills D. Wounds E. Combat F. Quick & Dirty G. Magic H. Ignobles I. Advancement J. Missions K. Encounters L. Digressions L. Digression Tables A final item of note is the game’s ability to handle those times when the group splits or has that one troublesome player that wants to go-it alone. The action of the story stays focused on the main party, but the other players can have their own alternate adventures, catch-up encounters or saving throw events after mishap. These are generated by rolling on Digression tables. Digressions tend to be deadly for the low level, but then again most saves in "your other favorite role-play game" do not exceed a 50-50 chance either. At least in free-style play the character learns his fate and even may gain a roll to see if he truly dies. May your Death Digression always be A Timely Interruption. Use the Vox Populii to ask a question or offer a comment. More Games
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