A Primer on Free-Style Role-Play Concepts A. Traits B. Task Resolution C. Skills D. Wounds E. Combat F. Quick & Dirty G. Magic H. Ignobles I. Advancement J. Missions K. Encounters L. Digressions System Highlights A. Traits – no list of stats to dice B. Task Resolution (one table) – easy and universal C. Skill Systems – with words more important than numbers D. Wound System – no ridiculous hit-points E. Opponents & Combat – simplified attacking system F. Quick & Dirty – tables for different scales of battle G. Magic – never redundant H. Ignoble Milestones – no artificial experience points I. Advancement Progression – no arbitrary character classes J. Mission Generation – never run out of ideas K. Encounter Tables – generate continuing adventure L. Digression Tables – handle split in group or troublesome players Background Our games were developed by two ordinary guys who have played rpgs for a combined half-century; we like games and gaming. Yet, where we once had plenty of time and a stable group of players, now we find our time is limited. We can’t spend hours thinking up elaborate adventures and repeatedly explaining tedious rules to new players. My partner and I desired a game that can be picked-up and played. We also knew we needed an easy system to handle mechanics and flexible to allow any option. Finally, we were just as frustrated by all the problems and ”un-realities” associated with the "big-guy’s" role-play games. Free-Style Role-Play are the first games that are truly limited only by your imagination. Yet we don’t want you to play our games; we ask you to take the best ideas put forth in these games and play the game you want to play. The ideas are universal to most role-play games and whatever game you play, our games will make it better. There’s a sales pitch in there somewhere. Free-Style Role-Play basically is a building block system of mechanics that allow you to develop a gaming style, not memorize a rule-book. The players take roles in a story, and action stays focused on the players as they strive toward the great deed. Online Disclaimer We tried to stay true to the free-style philosophy, but without real contact between a player and a referee some things had to be decided in advance. As you read the following descriptions, they readily apply to table-top play, but in online play there will be some exceptions as you will note. The computer makes a good referee though, and hopefully our code will surprise you with your options. You may even get some ideas for handling your own games. More Games
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