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Golden Age Avengers

Here's the start of many to follow. Try our version of a massive multiplayer online role-play game; my is that a mumble. You probably won't have time to buld your "Bronx Paladin" to perfection, but you may get a general idea of how our free-style role-play runs in the browser. Play will mimic a comic book adventure unfolding as you turn the pages. Best of all, as the browsers become more powerful, our games will evolve and become more dynamic and interactive. New York of the 1930's awaits, and so do the ten sinister cabals.

Dr. Adventure's Mummy Hunt

With the online version of Space Gamer, we have the ability to bring our scenarios to life, at least a game-life. Don't have the time or gaming group to give them a whirl as a referee, well play each instead yourself. Dr. Adventure is a Victorian pulp mystery with as many as eight possible solutions and murderers. In the light-hearted style of Edwin Drood, you might have a different ending each time you play. (That is if you can hustle on to the ending in this demo, which only gives you ten minutes a pop to play.)

Castle Generator

Not to forget those who still enjoy table top play, click the image and see just one "small" program to generate castles and their intrigue for your fantasy adventures. Some of the finer details can be found in issue one where an article details both Who's Who in castle life and the meaning of the traits used to describe the state of the ruling baron's fief.

Editorials Every Month

Talk, talk, talk,..., actually talk is cheap for our editors, so here's a listing of what we've done.

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