Sanctuary Aldebaran World

Function: MACE Auxiliary

Leader: Avenger Degama

Major Center Layout

Status of Installation

Good Traits: Patriotic, Regimented
Bad Traits: Shunned, Forgotten
Vulnerability -- Alien Subculture

Current Politics among the Immunes

  • Comrade in Arms Ginsburg
  • Favorite Son Hobbs
  • Empath Darrow -- Totally inept; yet believes he is highly skilled; constantly blames others for his mishaps.
  • Station Chief Mason
  • Personal Physician Kepler -- Obviously better suited for another role in the local society.
  • Private Butler Auerbach -- Fled from the Independent Confederation and is now sought by their agents for reprisal.

  • Biographer Hamilton
  • Radical Scientist Florio
  • G/Sol Agent Field
  • Celebrity Colfax
  • Security Head Berger
  • Matrix Watchdog Roberts -- Openly supports a claimant to the leader's rule and holdings.
  • Tax Assessor Schuman (Spy-Enforcer) -- Skilled at unarmed combat, uses hidden implanted technology.
  • Cartel Rep Bloom

    Recent Post Vacancy -- Genius Inventor
    Pending Mishap -- Private Butler
    Prime Skullduggery -- Celebrity

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