Partnership CD Aldebaran

Function: Wildlife Preserve

Leader: Almighty Smith

Major Center Layout

Status of Installation

Good Traits: Patriotic, Mercantile
Bad Traits: Shunned, Forgotten, Lawless, Parasites
Leader's Quirk -- Dying

Current Politics among the Immunes

  • Hired Gun Archer -- Banished, a deserter or fugitive from MACE, but protected by local leader. Secretly on the payroll of the G/Sol and aided by the Tetra-League's secret police.
  • Radical Scientist Benedick
  • G/Sol Agent Field
  • Exotic Chef Kepler
  • Matrix Watchdog Kruschev
  • Green Space Advocate Roberts

  • Comrade in Arms Robinson
  • Favorite Son Tappin
  • Genius Inventor Abbas -- Highly evolved empath with Funky Powers.
  • Empath Xerxes -- Involved in a recent mishap. Numerous allies among the Chic Cartel.
  • Test Engineer Larsen -- Numerous allies in S~R Group or freelance explorers and station chiefs.

    Recent Post Vacancy -- Cartel Rep
    Pending Mishap -- G/Sol Agent
    Prime Skullduggery -- Test Engineer

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