Enterprise Beta Gemini

Function: Fading/Transient

Leader: Regal Bisah

Major Center Layout

Status of Installation

Good Traits: Industrialized, Regimented, Prosperous, Inspired
Bad Traits: Forgotten, Lawless, Rebellious
Recent Event -- Immune Death

Current Politics among the Immunes

  • Favorite Son Murat -- Losing his post because an outsider is disparaging his performance.
  • Biographer Berenger
  • Spy-Enforcer Calhoun -- J.W.Walker clone.
  • Personal Physician Baldwin (Spy-Enforcer) -- Impostor using chameleon skin, pretending to be someone he isn't. Often in the guise of J.W.Walker. Numerous allies among the Skimerian Cartel, usually a Skia.
  • Station Chief Zeno -- Openly supports a claimant to the leader's rule and holdings. Obviously better suited for another role in the local society.
  • Green Space Advocate Oiler -- Involved in intrigue.
  • Design Architect Abbas
  • Tax Assessor Faust

  • Comrade in Arms Schuman -- Totally inept; yet believes he is highly skilled; constantly blames others for his mishaps.
  • Empath Jeffries -- Known by a player from past dealings, a former employer, friend, enemy, distant relative, etc.
  • Test Engineer Lowell

    Recent Post Vacancy -- Private Butler
    Pending Mishap -- Tax Assessor
    Prime Skullduggery -- Comrade in Arms

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