Fortified Listening Post Delta Kentaurus Majoris

Function: Sports Book

Leader: Overlord Zeno

Major Center Layout

Status of Installation

Good Traits: Peaceful
Bad Traits: Crippled, Forgotten, Rebellious, Bureaucratic, Indolent
Recent Event -- Critical System Failures
Leader's Quirk -- Miser

Current Politics among the Immunes

  • Comrade in Arms Mason -- Banished, a deserter or fugitive from MACE, but protected by local leader.
  • Radical Scientist Bloom -- Potential usurper of a leader's role.

  • Attorney Ayers
  • G/Sol Agent Garibaldi
  • Matrix Watchdog Beacher

    Recent Post Vacancy -- Labor Organizer
    Pending Mishap -- Radical Scientist
    Prime Skullduggery -- Matrix Watchdog

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