Forbidden Sector Tau White

Function: Fading/Transient

Leader: Originator Hemingway

Major Center Layout

Status of Installation

Good Traits: Bustling, Industrialized, Peaceful, Autonomous
Bad Traits: Rebellious, Parasites, Pillaged
Leader's Quirk -- Ambitious

Current Politics among the Immunes

  • None of Merit

  • Celebrity Farraday -- Secretly on the payroll of the G/Sol and aided by the Tetra-League's secret police.
  • Security Head Germanicus
  • Tax Assessor Beaton (Spy-Enforcer) -- Currently in hiding or fleeing a past act.
  • Green Space Advocate Dix -- Skilled at unarmed combat, uses hidden implanted technology.
  • Guru Kung
  • Cartel Rep Dreyfuss -- Numerous allies in the Journeymen Cartel. J.W.Walker clone.

    Recent Post Vacancy -- G/Sol Agent
    Prime Skullduggery -- Cartel Rep

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