The Fiefdom of Baron Sarah

The Layout of the Battlements

Status of Baron's Fiefdom

Good Traits: Populous, Peaceful, Orderly, Entertained
Bad Traits: Depleted, Rebellious, Famine
Recent Event -- Poor Harvest

Current Affairs in the Baronial Court

  • Astrologer Elam
  • Chaplain Alfred
  • Captain Watch Chester
  • Edificer Raymond
  • Sheriff Ethan
  • Confessor Charles -- Influential, powerful and rich from sources other than apparent.

  • Jailer Harold
  • Steward Beth
  • Valet Howard (Spy-Enforcer) -- Obviously better suited for another role in the court. Disliked by the entire court.
  • Alderman Franklin -- Extremely old or young for position. Having an unjustified reputation for magic, when in reality having no ability what so ever.
  • Exchequer Anthony -- The cause of greater calamity to the court and manor. Fled from the outlands and is now sought by inhuman folk for his mischief.

    Recent Post Vacancy -- Heir Apparent
    Pending Mishap -- Confessor
    Prime Skullduggery -- Jailer

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