The Fiefdom of Baron Jacob

The Layout of the Battlements

Status of Baron's Fiefdom

Good Traits: Populous, Peaceful, Orderly
Bad Traits: Ransacked, Pillaged
Recent Event -- Excommunicated

Current Affairs in the Baronial Court

  • Armorer Tabitha -- Mistaken and thinks he knows a player, but in fact a stranger. Once very high and mighty, an ordained leader of a secret group, troop, convoy, band, but has left that life behind. The cause of greater calamity to the court and manor.
  • Chaplain Tyler
  • Captain Watch Vincent
  • Confidante Elam
  • Smith Eunice
  • Valet Juan
  • Alderman Herbert

  • Champion Aaron -- Mistress or paramour of another pick.
  • Warden Gate Jonah -- Supports a claimant for the baron's lands and rights. Ally of a foreign warlord or exotic chieftain.
  • Jester David
  • Herbalist Carl
  • Master Mason Mark

    Recent Post Vacancy -- Confessor
    Pending Mishap -- Alderman
    Prime Skullduggery -- Master Mason

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