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Our Old Battle Born Friend My Apologies Sir or Madam ... Error. BRZKT.

This can be from a lot of things and clearly I don't know why, else, I would have prevented it.  These things happen.

One possible reason cause is you used a naughty bit of data that my sensors don't like.

Things like < and > or % in certain ways are no no's.

Please don't do that.  (Really, I get paid by the goofy glitch and I won't let it go through.)

Now, how do we fix this?

Well, one way is to hit the back key on your browser. That will return you to the offending page to make a correction.

Or, Mash the Home button on the Left and start again.

Feel free to send an email to editor@spacegamer.com and give them a piece of your liver ... uh ... mind ... mind right?

Thank-you and have some nice Tea today.

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