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SG PictWelcome to our New Home
SpaceGamer has moved and will be a work in progress. As always trust us with nothing important. Really. The web is a rough place. Assume everyone is scamming you.

Vox Populi -- Here’s the place for your opinions, narratives, adventure ideas, facts of merit, short game enhancements, literary quotes or mindless banter...the stuff other gamers may find of value. However, this is not a public newsgroup, and inappropriate messages are subject to censor. Likewise, our policing may be lax, so you may find personal messages of a vulgar nature which you are encouraged to report or simply ignore.

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Demon Hunters 2045

There aren’t any more countries, only monsters. Corrupt is the norm. There are no rights, only various levels of privilege. This is demons versus the cyberpunks.

The players operate as a team remotely, over the web, only a few, even one or none, risking the streets and deadly exchanges of martial law firearms. Everyone has a handle, an avatar, a cartoon impression of reality. All are ashamed of their bodies. Shun having anyone see them offline, exposed and frail. Your bigger fear is certainly not death, but Hysteria, insanity, mental collapse. No HPs, though, you are either in the action or out, determined case by case with each card flip of the Tarot events.

Are the characters high? Not enough to stop fighting demons. Maybe because they fight demons. There is no grounding context. Maybe in some forgotten life you were a doctor, professor, lawyer, civil activist working in the system. Not anymore. The civil system was a fantasy, illusion! See through the vagaries of consumerism and celebrity. Roam the city, avoid being punished for anarchy. Find the demon’s true minions and slay them. Kill the bosses too. Oh, is that all?!?

Free-Style Role-Play uses a Quick and Dirty system. The players are not going to always control precisely what happens in combat. Often the player selects a broad action, and the result is generated from a set of outcomes. Yes, there are dice rolls. Wouldn’t be a game without such.

Yet instead of rolling D20 and consulting the Hit Chart, you take actions in free-style fashion and compare your Swaggering and Divine Weaponry against the generated event. A Tarot Deck of 78 cards, major and minor with or without inversion, spawns the combat actions and often allows each player to improve his character’s abilities incrementally over the adventure.

What would you do for near limitless power? If you have an answer, you are not a character in these stories seeking redemption and salvation. You would not be an archetype in this game. The characters here would do anything to stop the demons from obtaining that goal. They would never seek to be that power-mad and driven to evil.

*** Get it Now on Drive Thru *** (Warning Adult Content)

Chronicles of the Outlands
Outlands Cover The players are fantasy characters without class distinction, proto Vikings, exploring and adventuring in a broad continental land bordered by seas. Magic works. All the characters will slowly improve a magical sword and train a magical mount. Magic is an integral part to play. Yet there are no spells per se, as each player character grows in power through the actions of the game.

There are six principal traits of characters: Bold, Clever, Energetic, Gifted, Methodical and Rugged. There is no degree that measures a trait; they are either present or not. The absence of a trait denotes the character is not any better than the norm in that area.

The player characters will also acquire a special set of combat skills, called swaggering techniques, by engaging in battle. These will be personal fighting styles as well as techniques gain specific to their Blade, Mount, Longboat and Wizardry. The new (level zero) character probably has practiced and even fought, but only through often repeated exercise of the game mechanics will he obtain great swagger.

To gain levels the character must perform Ignoble Deeds, nine tests of worthiness. These will relate to game events of the following types: Adventure, Fame, Battle, Ingenuity, Magic, Profit, Forethought, Comradeship and Courage.

Magic is performed like any other skill. The player describes an action based on a wizardry technique, and the Referee decides the degree of difficulty that must be rolled to succeed. It’s that simple (or not). In combat however, the mechanics of each Q&D apply. The various magical techniques will be seen as Advantages, making the dice roll easier. Once the player discovers any Wizardry techniques, he can shift to Recitation Method and use his magic for specific results. Yet using magic dooms the character to slowly change to something less human.

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