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SG PictWelcome to our New Home
You are in the right place. SpaceGamer has moved and will be a work in progress, even more than usual. As always trust us with nothing important. Really. The web is a rough place. Assume everyone is scamming you.

Vox Populi -- Here’s the place for your opinions, narratives, adventure ideas, facts of merit, short game enhancements, literary quotes or mindless banter...the stuff other gamers may find of value. However, this is not a public newsgroup, and inappropriate messages are subject to censor. Likewise, our policing may be lax, so you may find personal messages of a vulgar nature which you are encouraged to report or simply ignore.

Cutlass and More...Now with Moving Pictures! Red’s adventures shared through the monopoly of YouTube. Subscribe, Like and hate yourself for doing so. That and never miss a moment. Cutlass on the YouTube.

SG PictDelvers Designing Underworlds
Here's the last & best: Designing Underworlds provides a system for running fantasy dungeon crawls On the fly, solo if you wish, with an active GM moderating the group or without a Referee. Let a deck of Tarot Cards do all the work.

Designing Delver Underworlds is a useful Referee tool for building Company of Delvers or your favorite OSR game.

But, don't think crawling through closets and goblin privies. Think grand and sweeping Under WORLDS with regions of monsters, great passages, and Magic Realms. Save counting squares on graph paper for that other game. Seize the Star Book and uncover riches fantastic and woeful. Not for the feint of heart. Try something different today.

(200 Pages of Fantasy RPG Game Awesomeness!!!!)

Chronicles of the Outlands
Cutlass style event driven combat in a fantasy genre; PDF on DriveThru RPG. The home of all Better Games.

How is magic handled? Certainly not by memorizing and forgetting spells. This isn't a sim of college exams.

An example of play -- The player’s reach a river and need to cross. They do not have or can’t wait for their boat. Impatient fools, perhaps. What do they do? The obvious answer is
SG Pictswim, make the roll for each to avoid drowning. That Ref is dice happy in a bad way. Yet why not form a bridge of earth and stone (Geomancy). Open a portal connecting two sides (Cosmic). Fly (Shape Shift), get a tree to help (Animate Objects), flame or lightning a tree to fall across (Pyrotechnics or Voltaic), leap the river mightily (Demigod), float across clinging to the backs of the risen bodies of dead fish (Necromancy), command another to carry you (Thought Control), freeze the river (Celestial), and the list continues for another ten techniques. The player character’s Spirit Guide might alert the group to a shallow ford. Precognition could have warned the players to be prepared or take a different route. About the only one that gets me head scratching is Illusions? Make someone believe he can walk on water? Good for a laugh.

All those magical fields are in this game and more. Veteran players that are slowly moving toward magical mishap and oblivion. Curious? Click the link and see more.

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