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SG PictWelcome to our New Home
SpaceGamer has moved and will be a work in progress. As always trust us with nothing important. Really. The web is a rough place. Assume everyone is scamming you.

Vox Populi -- Here’s the place for your opinions, narratives, adventure ideas, facts of merit, short game enhancements, literary quotes or mindless banter...the stuff other gamers may find of value. However, this is not a public newsgroup, and inappropriate messages are subject to censor. Likewise, our policing may be lax, so you may find personal messages of a vulgar nature which you are encouraged to report or simply ignore.

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SG PictGood Guys Finish Last In Truly BREAKING NEWS ....

Jim Pinto at Post World Games (and noted SpaceGamer Alumni) has completed the latest version of "Good Guys Finish Last".

Resurrected from from a nuclear apocalypse from the 1990's after being battered, crushed, and laser-ized in an epic battle, your Heroes will not be denied and have been returned for your enjoyment.

The game is fighting through the robots, muscle men, and other people at KickStarter to make it's way to your gaming table soon.

It's so breaking, I don't know all the details but ... it's coming soon!!!! And, it looks Amazing.

Jump to the Vox link above and find out even more breaking news!!!

SG PictSalvage and Recovery With the tagline, Experience Life as a Galactic Delver, this is the sci-fi version of fantasy underworld exploitation. Here the characters are exploring uncharted space, looking for rich resources and the remnants of past eras. Set in Era Ten, this could be the retirement life of many a space marine. Else, the loner prospector has not just space suit and will travel, but a ship the size of a city. Think Nostromo from the movie Alien.

Much of the ship is robots doing what robots do, while the characters stay out of that No Man’s Land. Yet when anyone wants alone-time, wants to soul search, wants to hide, there is a big ship to get lost inside. Alarms will sound and who’s turn is it to go see? Still, the threat almost always comes from outside. Almost? There are rivalries and surprises in the adventures, all of which can be generated on the fly with little prep by the Ref.

For the cards hold the surprises not the Referee.

Chronicles of the Outlands Info has moved to a new place. Link Here.

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