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Good Guys Finish Last!!

As part of the Avengers of Justice system, "Good Guys Finish Last" was one of the three books published. Also, in the mix were "Villains Finish First" (but of course) and "Designing Comic Book Scenarios" (for the Referee too!).

SG PictGood Guys Finish Last In an RPG world filled with Super-hero titles, Avengers of Justice stood out because the game included:

-- the Free-Style Role-Play mechanics,
-- the Quick and Dirty Tables (that you love to love),
-- simple task resolution, and,
-- in a unique twist, the characters were not just tasked with defeating their foes. The Player Character had to maintain an interesting comic book as well.

So, titanic battles were lost to create interest in the series. If the Bug Man doesn't struggle once in a while, no reason to read / game along.

But, you can't just throw the fight, the player becomes part Referee increasing the difficulty of the fights true to their heroic mission and assortment of arch-nemesis.

Romance, intrigue, corporate espionage, deadly robots, mutant creatures from deep space, Karate Kicking shell creatures from the sewers ... whatever it takes to sell a comic mag. Get to it heroes, this pulp doesn't sell itself!!

SG PictOf course, if you can play the heroes, you can also take the role of the Villain or Anti-Hero. Yet, the game maintained it's old school sensibilities. In the end, doesn't the Laughing Man have to be returned to the Asylum?

Finally in the mix was the "Designing Comic Book Scenarios" booklet to allow the Referee to create exciting adventures on the fly. Suitable not only for the Avengers of Justice but also your other favorite comic book RPG.

Run your campaign the way you like. The game provided all the mechanics for an evolving campaign.

(Links to copies at Drive Thru to the left and KickStarter campaign coming soon!!!!)

Excelsior Indeed!!!

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