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Barony Fantasy

Chronicles of the Outlands Fantasy

Era Ten

In the Company of Delvers

Crimson Cutlass

Before you do anything else, try out the castle generator on the Home Page. That's been there all along, since 2005.

An Overview of our Titles

Our systems can be divided into two styles: Event Driven Combat and Skill Driven Combat
Our Old Battle Born Friend
Event Driven Combat started with the game Crimson Cutlass. The actions of all are driven by broad choices. The player doesn't choose a target and roll to hit. He selects a tactic: Brash, Calculated, Defensive, Irregular, and lets a deck of card randomize the action that ensues. The style will change the narratives. e.g. Brash actions tend to grapple. Defensive ones try to escape.

Skill Driven Combat allows each player in turn to select from his combat options and declare what he does to move the action forward. Again, he does not just select a target and roll to hit. He must add a description of how he makes an attack and justifies that action by highlighting his character's Trait, Skill or Swaggering. e.g. I just don't swing my sword. I use my Warrior's Sidearm to damage the enemy's shield or pin a monster's tentacle back for another player character to lob it off.

Are there any other differences?

A few, but combat is a major part of all role-play games and a Better Game tries to make that part of play ever exciting and always varied.

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