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One Ring Sheet (DocX)

One Ring Sheet (RTF)

One Ring Rules

Our upcoming Weds game will be One Ring. No not the copyrighted one; just a very close version.

The premise…The ring of power has been found and shall be destroyed. But the ring of power is very nice and might win the war? Many will desire the Ring of Power. Few will resist the lure and craving for the power. For power corrupts and absolute power is good.

A simple dice rolling game of fighting monstrosity, while traveling the much changed route of a classic Fantasy story. If anyone asks or forces legal action, this is just a radical version of House Rulez for Middle Earth, the Iron Crown product from 1982. That’s what we’ll argue as we claim Fair Use as Commentary.

One guy who made them all.
One guy who took off Weds.
One guy who likes his ice cream warm.
The last king much hated.
Well, the rest is left to better poets.

Start with your role:

Choose a Role
- Hero: Attack dice rolled three times.
- Wizard: Attack dice once with all enemy wounds also deliver Stun.
- Elf: Attack dice once, plus one automatic enemy wound.
- Dwarf: Attack dice once for double damage with Knocked Prone treated instead as enemy wound.
- Burglar ©: Attack dice twice, ignores Break Blade.

You start with traveling gear, just a few exceptions.

Standard Eight-Piece Gear
- Memento of Home
- Keen Knife
- Ace-in-Hole, special magic item of very limited use *
- Pipe & Pouch, packed w/ eight Battle Weeds
- Healing Herbs
- Ale
- Purse Coins
- Honing Stone

Note: * – Burglar types substitute Ring of Power (one only) or an iron skillet (non magical, just a prop to lose in melee). The Ace-in-Hole also becomes special magic items obtained through play.

Choose Eight Battle Weeds
Fury: Add an extra die for three in your next set of attacks.
Shadows: Ignore Vulnerability being exposed for one round of all player actions.
Wards: Ignore Melee for one round of all player actions.

One weed may be smoked at any time as part of an attack. They may not be activated after the fact to avoid Vulnerability or Melee.

(pair D8, taking higher)
8 Enemy Wound & Stun
7 Enemy Wound
6 Enemy Wound
5 Knocked Prone, happens again treat as Melee.
4 Melee; enemy wound w/ Keen Knife.
3 Vulnerability
2 Break Blade
1 Mishap Strike on Ally
Note: If both dice are six or above, count both injuries.

Enemy Wound = Lower threat by one (see monsters).
Stun = no allied Melee results for one round of all player actions.
Vulnerability = take wound if enemy has ranged attack. e.g. Elves of Lorien.
Mishap Strike = An ally takes a wound.
Break Blade = No borrowing. Do not skip action; limited ability. Treat only eight result as wound w/o Stun, seven and six results as miss.
Knocked Prone = Stop rolling attacks (this turn). Only happens once per battle but may occur every battle.

Enemy Melee
(pair D8, choice)
8 Drop one Battle Weed
7 Lose Ale
6 Lose Purse Coins
5 Lose Keen Knife
4 Lose Healing Herbs
3 Lose Memento of Home
2 Lose Pipe w/ all Weeds
1 Lose Ace-in-Hole, even the One Ring

If the item has already been lost, use your Healing Herbs. No herbs left then vicious wound. The Herbs may not be shared in the party. Suffer your own fate. Two wounds in field cause KIA. Replenishment of gear at civilized places along the adventure. Some restrictions apply.

Typical Actions
Open a Gate. Pass rough terrain. Sneak past encounter.

Do Something
(typically, two D8, choice)
8 Insight; complete this task and roll three D8 next Do Something attempt.
7 Okay, done.
6 Halfway Home. You or someone else must complete effort.
5 Second Try; immediately reroll one die and treat five or less as Frustrated.
4 Frustrated (consume your Ale or someone else’s and lose one die in your next task or combat).
3 Stop all Attempts (unless on Plot Critical treat as Wasteful Effort).
2 Wasteful Effort; lose a random item of gear like Melee. Result may also cause vicious injury.
1 Suffer vicious injury.
Note: Plot Critical Tasks must be completed; treat as Wasteful Effort instead when valid. In cases of Trapped Challenges, a result of four or less may injure.

Every other round in combat. Call it a surprise action. Some enemies modify the results on this table.

Bane Retaliation
8 Enemy runs away. (It may return refreshed.)
7 Stop and make Do Something roll.
6 Enemy grows by one in Threat.
5 Enemy no longer stunned. Happens twice suffer injury.
4 Wizard, Elf and Dwarf lose extra attack bonus. Happens twice suffer injury.
3 All attack rolls only one D8 for result. Happens twice suffer injury.
2 Everyone rolls on Melee.
1 Everyone uses Healing Herbs; those without suffer injury.


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