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Free-Style Role-Play

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Eternal SuperSpy Game

Espionage and intrigue distilled to a perfect roleplay form.

A two-page set of rules to run Theater of the Mind masterspy thrillers or high volume action flix with simplicity and balance. The excitement takes place during the Cold War, the War on Terrorism, or even Revolutionary War through the Victorian Era. Set your game where you’re comfortable or in an underserved era of your imagination.

Spies are eternal. They are mentioned in the Bible. All countries employ them. Countless movies have been created. When John Kennedy mentioned his enjoyment for reading Ian Fleming, the most iconic character of cinema was created, a man who has been represented by eight actors. We’re not talking Dr Who; they number over a hundred.

Trademark law prevents me from giving any further clue, but if you don’t know Sean Connery, this game may not be for you. Yet there are countless other impressive characters of film who deserve a rewrite in your living room.

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