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Free-Style Role-Play

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Run your favorite genre of roleplay on-the-fly at any time, even on a moment’s notice or to satisfy your craving for a fix. Solo or Group GM moderated.

Roleplay characters in the seven major genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Hero, Horror, Post Apocalyptic, Cyberpunk and Vintage Pulp. Use as an adventure generator for your other favorite roleplay system or use the mechanics described to GM your game play to whatever whimsy or terror your heart desires.

If you love our systems, thanks by the way, this one won’t disappoint. If you hate us or our style of play, I respect your time and won’t pander; continue to have fun in the shallow end of the pool.

Grab from our website a FREE Excel macro driven One Hour Roleplay solo & GM aid..

New One Hour Role Play.

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