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Free-Style Role-Play

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Fantasy Nocturn OSR

Inside find thirty-six fully populated and be-treasured maps of dungeon style adventures. There’s also thirty-six quests for groups that need a focus. Don’t they all? Wait, how much did I list the price on this pamphlet? A super bargain for sure!

Use it with the Better Games OSR series of products, like Fantasy OSR, Fantasy Hex Crawl and Tactical OSR. Or easily adapt to your other favorite role-play game.

Here I digest the atypical dungeon adventure into thirty-six tasks, called Ordeals. These can be run in series, else dropped right on your own maps as tests. Or maybe use them as a key to understanding what actions need to be overcome for a certain obstacle.

Hey, I’m a pattern game designer and divide my own game world into smaller manageable parts. You may enjoy that. You may not.

Make the purchase or continue to putz around. Save-up instead for an $87 monster field guide. Art books be pretty.

Here you would select a map or series of Ordeals to run your game. Playing solo or co-öp, you can use the same. Move and add extra Ordeals to reflect your omnipotent state of seeing the layout and the referee notes. Dice randomly at intersections your next direction or add Ordeals to reflect more variables. There are examples of me running solo online. Not all end well.

Fair = Fun.

Old School Revival is fast paced, and you can learn the mechanics by trial and error. Sometimes you have to die in OSR to learn what not to do.

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