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Zombie WW2 OSR

Two great tastes that taste great together.

I hope we all know that the good guys don’t wear black uniforms. Those Fascists jackboots got to die. We had them nearly defeated, when the Führer made his final pact with darkness and started conjuring zombie armies, enhanced by Volkssturm Hexe.

Note: Certain symbols and words are expressly forbidden in modern Germany, so I refrain from some terms that are synonymous with the leaders of Germany between 2 August 1934 and 23 May 1945, after which most of them were eventually hung.

Back to our game…If you do your job, obtain victory, a whole lot of corpses will die twice. You will march your way across Europe from one or all directions. You will reach Berlin. You will kill the SOB who dabbled in necromancy.

You can play solo, co-öp, competitively or moderated by a GM.

The rulez covers the basic of the character creation and set the goals.

Old School Revival is fast paced, and you can learn the mechanics by trial and error. Sometimes you have to die in OSR to learn what not to do.

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