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SG PictDelvers Designing Underworlds
Here's the last & best: Designing Underworlds provides a system for running fantasy dungeon crawls On the fly, solo if you wish, with an active GM moderating the group or without a Referee. Let a deck of Tarot Cards do all the work.

Designing Delver Underworlds is a useful Referee tool for building Company of Delvers or your favorite OSR game.

But, don't think crawling through closets and goblin privies. Think grand and sweeping Under WORLDS with regions of monsters, great passages, and Magic Realms. Save counting squares on graph paper for that other game. Seize the Star Book and uncover riches fantastic and woeful. Not for the feint of heart. Try something different today.

(200 Pages of Fantasy RPG Game Awesomeness!!!!)

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