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SG PictGargoyles of Nam

Return now to the 1960's when hair was short and Peace was in the air. Journey to East and battle ... Demons?????

The gauntlet is tossed. Demons are real and have a strong sanctuary along the Mekong. They are spreading opium, corrupting politicians worldwide and causing a moral decay that may be unstoppable. But you feel compelled to try. Jesus, it’s easy to hate everything about this place – Southeast Asia. The heat, the bugs, the wildlife, the forbidden temples and most of all the hideous inter-dimensional beasts that some say are from Hell. As the war to stop communists rages, a more critical fight occurs. The southern government is already too corrupt to be trusted. The domino effect of more nations being controlled by these monsters must be stopped and stopped here. Yet a skeptical public would never accept that demons are real. Except, they are.

Your group of players are a mix of Viet Cong and Green Beret. You may be fighting regulars from two nations, the politicians and your own army. All this is beyond TOP SECRET, and no one except the group has the Need to Know.

Your own orders are delivered by dispatches you discover along your journey to slay one demon after another. You know these things are real; you have a pretty good notion on how to kill them. Seems unlikely you’re being set-up by whatever head mother chicken what’s in charge. Yet you’re not the first scapegoat of a failed empire to take on this vocation. You are a Demon Hunter, junior grade.

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