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Free-Style Role-Play

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Space Pyrates OSR

A space opera role-play game of exploring the hostile galaxy, getting shot to snot and keeping enough wit to sell tennis shoes to the three legged-humanoids. It’s a bad living but great fun.

You can play solo, co-öp or moderated by a GM.

You probably don’t own the ship. The lien will take a thousand lifetimes of hauling trash off the capital world, before you can afford to pay to have the vessel towed to junk reclamation. Capital work won’t pay the bills. Instead, you risk a great deal and venture forth. Exploring as you go. Taking on cargo where it is abundant. Selling that same haul where you find the need. Your ship will grow in size. The first bundle you make selling crap as cargo ensures that. You will find Mystic Relics of dead civilizations, advanced ones. You will find planets made of gold, only to wonder if that metal has any value anywhere. You work to live and love the freedom.

The rulez covers the basics of the character and ship creation. Continue into exploration and space combat, flying your airship in a place that has no air. Not for physics majors who lack a sense of irony. There’s loot but also the tribulation of looking for a welcoming place to sell that Lux. Hint, don't be a wanna-play and try to do everything. Best to recall what grandpa (red) says, slow and steady also carries the best laser pistol. Besides selling cargo you can buy The Cool Stuff. Spending your money to get what Fantasy players would call The One Ring (magic items). “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” (Arthur C. Arthur C Clark)

Old School Revival is fast paced, and you can learn the mechanics by trial and error. Character death being a form of grave error.

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