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Free-Style Role-Play

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This booklet creates a campaign of adventures for a squad of space marines. Playable continuously. Stop at any time; pick back up whenever desired with as many players as are available. Does anyone still game by email? You don’t have to, but these rulez can make that style gaming compelling.

The mechanics ask the player heroes to wage war for the Tetra-League. The goal is to crush all who complain, well, complain while shooting firearms. The League is run by cartels of varied interests. The cartels are the Tetra-League despite what the constitution says. Right? Wrong? Be the guys with the plasma accelerators. The plots don’t need a rival or much motive. That and the galaxy is so wide and blue—really, blue?—that the threat never truly ends. Peace is always one more orbital insertion away. God bless us, every alien.

This booklet is used in conjunction with Fundamentals of Era Ten.

Free-Style Role-Play uses a Quick and Dirty system. The players are not going to always control precisely what happens in combat. The player selects a broad action, and a result is generated from a set of outcomes. Yes, there are dice rolls. Wouldn’t be a game without such.

Yet instead of rolling D20 ad nauseum, you take actions in free-style fashion and compare your abilities against the generated event. A deck spawns the combat actions and allows the players to improve in ability as they adventure.

See the play tester videos.

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