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Free-Style Role-Play


SG PictSalvage and Recovery With the tagline, Experience Life as a Galactic Delver, this is the sci-fi version of fantasy underworld exploitation. Here the characters are exploring uncharted space, looking for rich resources and the remnants of past eras. Set in Era Ten, this could be the retirement life of many a space marine. Else, the loner prospector has not just space suit and will travel, but a ship the size of a city. Think Nostromo from the movie Alien.

Much of the ship is robots doing what robots do, while the characters stay out of that No Man’s Land. Yet when anyone wants alone-time, wants to soul search, wants to hide, there is a big ship to get lost inside. Alarms will sound and who’s turn is it to go see? Still, the threat almost always comes from outside. Almost? There are rivalries and surprises in the adventures, all of which can be generated on the fly with little prep by the Ref.

For the cards hold the surprises not the Referee.

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