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Free-Style Role-Play

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SG PictSolo Fantasy

The tables presented run as a story. Sometimes you have a choice and sometimes you become a victim of fate. Live and die by what occurs. Just once being declared a Heretic (on the tables) is rather fun and worth a purchase. Multiply that by eighty-nine sections of twenty events.

Now gaming is best with friends, whether in competition or cooperative. Yet solo role-play is more common than ever. Our lives are busy and not all of us can game on the same schedule.

A Referee may use this as a Catch-Up table that lets someone missing a session find out what happened to his character. This is not always an excuse for Why? the character was absent, but at least he may not fall behind the rest of the group in abilities.

Inside these tables are character improvement and level advancement. The mechanics are those of the fantasy free-style role-play game Chronicles of the Outlands. However, things are as they seem, and the system is useful in your other favorite role-play game. Award character xps based on what you do.

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