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USMC at Waterloo OSR

We won’t play the months of lead-up. Napoleon returned to power on 13 March. We’ll skip the two major battles two days before – Quatre Bras and Ligny. We won’t debate Grouchy’s failure to chase and contain the Prussians. The French and Wellington’s Coalition will meet on 18 June 1815.

That’s when the Time Lord brings the USMC to the action. Right between the battlelines at the farmhouse of Château d’Hougoumont. All sides start shooting (eventually) at you, as a hundred (roughly) interlopers. Why? Because no one knows if you are friend or foe.

Maybe you’ll then wish you could radio an offshore fleet to fire cruise missiles. Not there with you in 1815. Instead, you have the gear and abilities of your Marine Corps Company. You are one soldier, a character, a model that becomes the heart and health of the company. That force is not an artillery support group, either: no 155mm Howitzers. But at least you and your fellow marines have access to several unmanned ground vehicles (UGV). Where do we program the medical carrier to take the wounded? Back to the center of your point marker of doom. Forget about the A-Bomb, your Mk 17 assault rifle is the real destroyer of worlds.

But how come the guy next to you, Jack from Tulsa, changed into a green coated leatherneck holding a Brown Bess?

You can play solo or co-öp.

The rulez covers the basic of the character creation and set the goals.

Old School Revival is fast paced, and you can learn the mechanics by trial and error. Sometimes you have to die in OSR to learn what not to do.

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