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Cutlass Mission Generator

Crimson Cutlass

SG Pict... and his sword flowed red with the blood of his challengers, it was named ...

Crimson Cutlass

Role-Play Rules for the Era of Exploration and Mighty Warships. Rules conceived by George Rahm and written in association with Joseph Hillmer ©1979.

Since No page exists ...

I created one to start containing the Cutlass tips, tools, notes, additional K Factors kill factor, and tales of daring do.

More to come as we dig it out, but until then, enjoy the hundreds and hundreds of pages on RPG Drive Thru and jump on the Vox and call out your foe.

SG PictWhat Ignoble do ye lack?

The Generator on the Left can be used to show how Cutlass Generates missions and how create endless quests to occupy your players.

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