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Legacy Links
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A list of links that we have found useful:

(Note All Links Go to Sites OUTSIDE SpaceGamer Web Site.)

Epic Table: Virtual Gaming table of choice. Simple. Cheap. Easy.

Drive Thru RPG: Best Place to Get Better Games Products.

Post World Games: A long time friend of Space Gamer and Better Games and a pretty talented game designer himself. Jim Pinto's gaming experience.

Board Game Geeks: Get your Daily Board Game Fix. This is the link to Better Games Content.

RPG Geeks: Board Game Geeks' Little Brother.

Dave's Mapper: This was a lot of fun. Hint, try the Side View.

One Page Dungeon: Neat idea ... hope it continues to grow.

Old Space Gamers: Steve Jackson Games lists their old SpaceGamers for sale as PDF.

EPT Name Generator: And moderate help in pronunciation.

Class Traveller Basic Character Generation: Has the Traveller flair and a good demo. Would be nice to be able to print a more complete sheet.

On-line Tarot Card Flipper Save yourself the nine bucks for your own deck.

SG Tarot Flipper Doesn't everyone need one of these?

An Interesting Dice Roller: For the time when you just don't have dice handy.

Another 3D Dice Roller if you still can't find your dice.

Proper Pyrate Links

The Musketeers (BBC): Well, mostly a proper tale of Gentlemen Adventurers. Perhaps not to everyone's taste, but a rousing good time.

Red's YouTube Experiments

Catch the next Internet rising star!!

Watch a Cutlass Session unfold in real time. Linky

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