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Legacy Links
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A list of links that we have found useful:

(Note All Links Go to Sites OUTSIDE SpaceGamer Web Site.)

Epic Table: Virtual Gaming table of choice. Simple. Cheap. Easy.

Drive Thru RPG: Best Place to Get Better Games Products.

Post World Games: A long time friend of Space Gamer and Better Games and a pretty talented game designer himself. Jim Pinto's gaming experience.

Board Game Geeks: Get your Daily Board Game Fix. This is the link to Better Games Content.

RPG Geeks: Board Game Geeks' Little Brother.

Dave's Mapper: This was a lot of fun. Hint, try the Side View.

One Page Dungeon: Neat idea ... hope it continues to grow.

Medieval City Generator Another interesting tool.

Old Space Gamers: Steve Jackson Games lists their old SpaceGamers for sale as PDF.

EPT Name Generator: And moderate help in pronunciation.

Class Traveller Basic Character Generation: Has the Traveller flair and a good demo. Would be nice to be able to print a more complete sheet.

On-line Tarot Card Flipper Save yourself the nine bucks for your own deck.

SG Tarot Flipper Doesn't everyone need one of these?

Deck Tool What used to be the Cutlass Tool -- Now on the Web.

An Interesting Dice Roller: For the time when you just don't have dice handy.

Another 3D Dice Roller if you still can't find your dice.

Western Town Generator (Hat Tip to Fred for recommending this).

Perilous Shores Generator Neat little Overworld generator.

Cave Generator Neat little Cave generator.

Proper Pyrate Links

The Musketeers (BBC): Well, mostly a proper tale of Gentlemen Adventurers. Perhaps not to everyone's taste, but a rousing good time.

Red's YouTube Experiments

Catch the next Internet rising star!!

Watch a Cutlass Session unfold in real time. Linky

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