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Protected Operation Heimdall Garrison

Function: Warrior Cult

Leader: Architect Salazar

Major Center Layout

Status of Installation

Good Traits: Enchanted, Vibrant, Prosperous
Bad Traits: Radical, Isolated, Desecrated
Recent Event -- Peasant Unrest
Vulnerability -- Arcane Horror

Current Politics

Loyalists to the Order
  • Maniacal Wizard Morales -- Feared by the entire society, including the leader. He probably is much more than just a bully.
  • Maze Designer Wyatt -- Mistaken and thinks he knows a player, but in fact the two are strangers.
  • Artificer Raleigh
  • Meat Carver Robinson
  • Whisperer Berger -- Skilled at armed combat.

    Antagonists for Change
  • Front Man Berenger -- Disliked by the entire local society.
  • Master Beasts Barrows -- Highly skilled in spellcraft. Obviously better suited for another role in the local society.
  • Doom Forecaster Stephen
  • Dark Knight Smith -- Numerous allies in more established faiths and temples. Potential usurper of a leader's role.
  • Mindless Enforcer Beacher -- Frustrated; soon to leave and never to return, sometime during scenario.

    Recent Post Vacancy -- Keeper of Keys
    Pending Mishap -- Whisperer
    Prime Skullduggery -- Mindless Enforcer

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