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Enterprise Trickster Castle

Function: Worship of Nature(primary), Blood Sacrifice (secondary)

Leader: The Great Einstein

Major Center Layout

Status of Installation

Good Traits: Bustling, Peaceful, Revered
Bad Traits: Cursed, Forgotten, Dogmatic, Enslaved
Recent Event -- Undead Rise

Current Politics

Loyalists to the Order
  • Maze Designer White
  • Master Beasts Jones -- Staunch ally of another NPC.
  • Poisoner Schuman
  • Whisperer Cromwell
  • Gatekeeper Florio

    Antagonists for Change
  • Vivisectionist Baldwin
  • Undead Captain Blucher -- Known by a player from past dealings, a former employer, friend, enemy, distant relative, etc. An illusionist that disquises his true form.
  • Tormentor Zeno -- Numerous allies in old guard legions.
  • Dark Artist Schafer -- Numerous allies in more established faiths and temples. Numerous allies in the legitimate guilds.
  • Meat Carver Ayers

    Recent Post Vacancy -- Maniacal Wizard
    Pending Mishap -- Gatekeeper
    Prime Skullduggery -- Dark Artist

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