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Fortress War Rig

Function: Prison(primary), Monster Worship (secondary)

Leader: Altruistic Einstein

Major Center Layout

Status of Installation

Good Traits: Bustling, Reverant, Autonomous
Bad Traits: Cursed, Forgotten, Unholy
Recent Event -- Blood Rituals

Current Politics

Loyalists to the Order
  • Maniacal Wizard VanDyck
  • Vestment Tailor Beno (Spy-Rogue)
  • Pit Fiend Raleigh -- Many dark secrets and has contact with spirits far more than is wise.
  • Dark Knight Angell -- Holds a powerful magical weapon or protection.

    Antagonists for Change
  • Master Beasts Faust -- An illusionist that disquises his true form.
  • Keeper of Keys Brutus
  • Forest Trickster Kruschev -- Numerous allies in the legitimate guilds. Mistaken and thinks he knows a player, but in fact the two are strangers.

    Recent Post Vacancy -- Propagandist
    Pending Mishap -- Dark Knight
    Prime Skullduggery -- Master Beasts

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