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Holding Company Void Foothold

Function: Recent Religious Sect

Leader: Pontifex Field

Major Center Layout

Status of Installation

Good Traits: Peaceful
Bad Traits: Shunned, Cursed, Isolated, Dogmatic, Desecrated
Recent Event -- Schism Faith
Vulnerability -- Mana Depletion

Current Politics

Loyalists to the Order
  • Maze Designer Dix
  • Vivisectionist Xerxes -- Numerous allies in more established faiths and temples. Staunch ally of another NPC.
  • High Priest Darrow -- Involved in a recent mishap.
  • Dark Artist Baldwin -- Currently wounded or ill.
  • Pit Fiend Barrows -- Numerous allies among moneylenders and slavers.
  • Overseer Bogart -- Long forgotten lover or consort of another member of society. Knows of an intrigue, but chooses to do nothing. Involved in a recent mishap.

    Antagonists for Change
  • Master Beasts Robinson -- Obviously better suited for another role in the local society.
  • Forest Trickster Angell -- Numerous allies in old guard legions.
  • Meat Carver Raleigh (Spy-Rogue)
  • Dark Knight Lowell -- Impostor, pretending to be someone he isn't. This may include he's powerless in his assumed role.
  • Mindless Enforcer Brutus -- Frustrated; soon to leave and never to return, sometime during scenario.

    Recent Post Vacancy -- Artificer
    Pending Mishap -- Overseer
    Prime Skullduggery -- Mindless Enforcer

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