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Protected Operation Thor Trust

Function: Recent Religious Sect

Leader: Humble Kruschev

Major Center Layout

Status of Installation

Good Traits: Bustling, Mercantile
Bad Traits: Forgotten, Dangerous, Radical
Leader's Quirk -- Flesh Eating

Current Politics

Loyalists to the Order
  • Maze Designer Hobbs
  • Master Beasts Butcher -- Has an unjustified reputation for powers, when in reality having no significant degree of craft. Better suited for another role, but held back due to spite by the leader.
  • Vivisectionist Beno -- On the verge of losing his position to another.
  • Tormentor Raleigh
  • Dark Artist Degama -- Currently wounded or ill.
  • Poisoner Bogart -- Skilled at armed combat.
  • Dark Knight Ivan -- Influential, powerful and rich from sources other than apparent.
  • Whisperer Darrow

    Antagonists for Change
  • High Priest Abbas -- Feared by the entire society, including the leader. He probably is much more than just a bully.
  • Artificer Bloom
  • Mindless Enforcer Cotton -- Numerous allies in old guard legions.
  • Vestment Tailor Brutus -- Married into lordly society. Skilled at armed combat.
  • Gatekeeper Ramsey

    Recent Post Vacancy -- Overseer
    Pending Mishap -- Whisperer
    Prime Skullduggery -- Gatekeeper

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