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SpaceGamer Vol 2 Issue 1
Our games were developed by two ordinary guys who have played rpgs for a combined century; we like games and gaming. Yet, where we once had plenty of time and a stable group of players, now we find our time is limited. We can’t spend hours thinking up elaborate adventures and repeatedly explaining tedious rules to new players. My partner and I desired a game that can be picked-up and played. We also knew we needed an easy system to handle mechanics and flexible to allow any option. Finally, we were just as frustrated by all the problems and odd reality, the tedium associated with your other favorite role-play game.

Free-Style Role-Play are the first games that are truly limited only by your imagination. Yet we don’t want you to play our games. We ask you to take the best ideas put forth in these games and play the game you want to play. The ideas are universal to most role-play games. Whatever game you play, our games will make it better. There’s a sales pitch in there somewhere.

Space Gamer has a long and storied history dating back to early 1975. The magazine has passed through a number of owners until Better Games obtained the title and began publishing in the 1990's.

Here's one of our issues.

SG / FG Vol 2 Number 1

This included a full game of the Battle Born Free-Style Role-Play, a full rpg in the magazine. Be nice to have something like that today. Also included a fantasy scenario, What Happened at Port Mosby and a detailed system of Quick and Dirty Battles for Dragons.

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