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Strength: To Hit: +0, Damage: +0
Constitution: Hit Point Bonus: None
Dexterity: Missile Bonus: -1, AC: +0
Charisma: Max Retainers: 4, Loyalty Base: +0

Saving Throws:
Death Ray or Poison: 9
Wands, Polymorph: 16
Petrification / Stone: 18
Dragon Breath: 20
Staves / Spells: 18
Race: Human

Combat Stats:
Hit Points (Max): 6 (0)
Armor Class: 4
To Hit AC 0: 19

Weapon To Hit Damage
Cleric (Human)

Stuff / Equipment List:
Rope (#) Bags / Sacks Wine Skin (Water) (#) Wine Skin (Wine)
Hammer Torch (#) Flask Mirror
Flask of Oil Pick / Shovel Long Pole (#) Hat
Fine Clasp Hidden Pocket Compass Ornate Gem
Hard Boots Pipe and Tobacco Soft Boots Goblet (Fine)
Mug Spare Set Clothes Cloak Parchment, Ink, Stylus
Spell Book Glass Orb Herbs Cooking Pot
Rations (1 Day) (#) Daggers (#) Spike (#) Arrows
~ Coins: 5, Armor: 65, Weapons: 18, Stuff: 22 -- Total: 110 pounds.

Common Northern
Ancient Zaire Temple
Thieves Cant Elven
Dwarven Fey
Orc Gobloid

Special Skills
Character Profession:Pardoner (Make of it what you will)
Strength Stat:Weight: +50, Doors: 2/6.
Dexterity Stat:Missile Bonus is To Hit with Missiles Only (Not to Damage).
Constitution Stat:Refer to the Rules for Resurection Survival and Chance of Surviving Resurrection.
Primary Stat:Your Primary Stat is 13-14, you receive a 5% XP Bonus.
Cleric:Because Clerics receive their spells from their dieties, they are considered to know all spells of all levels which they can cast.
Hit Points:You Receive 1 die 6 per level plus a constitution bonus of 0.
Base Movement:Base Movement is 12 inches per turn when not encumbered (Up to 75 lbs) (plus bonus).
Base Movement:Base Movement is 9 inches per turn when carrying up to 150 pounds (plus bonus).
Base Movement:Base Movement is 6 inches per turn when carrying up to 300 pounds (plus bonus).
SpellsBecause you are a level 1 Clericy, you May cast 0 spell per Day
SpellsCure Light Wounds, Detect Evil, Detect Magic, Light, Protection from Evil, Purify Food and Water
Turn SkeletonAs a Cleric you may Turn 2d6 Skeleton Undead on a roll of 9.
Turn ZombieAs a Cleric you may Turn 2d6 Zombie Undead on a roll of 16.
Turn GhoulAs a Cleric you may Turn 2d6 Ghoul Undead on a roll of 18.
Turn WightAs a Cleric you may Turn 2d6 Wight Undead on a roll of 20.
Turn WraithYou may NOT turn the Wraith (N).
Turn MummyYou may NOT turn the Mummy (N).
Turn SpectureYou may NOT turn the Spectre (N).
Turn VampireYou may NOT turn the Vampire (N).