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Dice Pips

Fury Pip (+2)
May be expended to cancel Shaken.
May be expended to cancel forced method change.
Double Fury:
May be granted to another Character.
Gain that dispatch, but more so can cancel an enemy condition like Quell, Breach or Exploit.

Catbird Seat (+3) on your next dice roll.
May expended to take Calculated Action
In Q&D May be expended to meet Condition and take action

Double Catbird:
If Ref permits, capture the battle's enemy

Tactics Pip (+1) to entire squad for remainder of battle
Lost on Deck Reshuffle
May be spent to cancel enemies Def Mod
May be expended to cancel 1 of Quell, Breach, or Exploit
May be used to reduce Target Number

Double Tactics
May drive off all squishies
May dispatch on enemy Armor+

Command Pip (+1) also goes to entire squad but only through one round of all player rolls.
May be expended to cancel Shaken or Pinned
Allows next action to be any combat method
Expended to cancel Enemy Enraged.

Double Command Pip
Use for features above

Quest Pip (+1) lasts the entire adventure (but drops in the climax)

Double Quest
Ref may provide clue.

Shaken (-2) is a penalty. It can cancel Fury and vice versa.

Double Shaken
Test for Surrender on Ordinary Roll
Add a point of Insanity

Pinned: Takes away Advantage.
Eliminated on next successful roll.
Eliminated on Deck Shuffle.
Forces Swaggering Tests for Glorious

Double Pin: Test Ordinary for Vicious (Suit Fracture)
Add 1 to PM Cycle

Racial Bonus
Cimmer: Once per adventure you may Grimace that a normally hostile encounter will stand down.

Cruz: Once per adventure during Travel encounters (in Close Combat) may Bio-Boost your team and ignore results of Shaken and Pinned.

Skia: Once per adventure (before Climax) in a single encounter, open your visor and gains Catbird Seat (+3) every other roll.

Trait Tactical Bonus

Bonus are refreshed at the start of each Adventure OR Session.

Durable 1: At level advancement, select one Savvy swaggering or lock that technique Glorious.

Durable 2: Ignores the first vicious wound received each adventure.

Durable 3: At level five, cancel anyone’s wound.

Fierce 1: At each level advancement, select one EE Suit swaggering or lock that technique Glorious.

Fierce 2: Only Shaken in combat for one round.

Fierce 3: Ignores the first occasion of forced Escape Method or surrender.

Fierce 4: Once per adventure at start of new action, may sacrifice any known or ship swaggering to gain Fury Pip.

Fierce 5: At level five, may start the battle against non-Rival, with a Calculated Method.

Inventive 1: At each level gains an extra skill.

Inventive 2: Collectively ignore first occasion of lost swaggering, forced Irregular, OR Quest Pip lost each Adventure.

Inventive 3: At start of Adventure, add one Ship swaggering starting from the bottom for each character with Trait.

Inventive 3: Once per adventure, Ignore the defensive modifier of the enemy.

Inventive 4: At level five+ once per adventure, gain Catbird Seat benefits at the start of
one battle.

Spirited 1: At each level advancement, gains one swaggering technique or lock that technique Glorious.

Spirited 2: Once per adventure any time during battle, Gain Fury bonus.

Spirited 3: Once per adventure, may sacrifice any known or ship swaggering to cancel a forced Insanity of the character or any other player.

Spirited 4: On first occasion each adventure if forced to roll Insanity, gain three dice rather than 2.

Spirited 5: At level five+, create a Command Pip bonus any time in a one combat.

Mishaps – Snake Eyes
When taking a roll for Task Resolution, a result of exactly two (snake eyes) should result in an increase of both Insanity and PM Cycle. Only rolls here do this. A roll of two in a Q&D will result in other consequences.

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