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What is this Madness!!!!!

The Better Games systems of Mission and Encounter Generation has been beat to death in videos and other pages and articles. So, hitting the high points. Ask for more in the Vox!!!!
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Rather than each session / mission, the Referee has to work from scratch, the Better Games products gave a standard way to execute missions. You've seen it described by elite professors and game luminaries as the Cambellian method or the Homeric cycle. We just prefer to call it an adventure!!!!!

Each adventure starts with a Patron who offers one of the Characters a mission. The Referee can craft some fancy story ... or ... hey a dude wants you to do something for him.

But, unlike a mission generated from an expensive module (corporate made me say that), you can REJECT the mission. Oh noes!!!!! Whatever shall the poor Ref do???? Uh, generate another.

Be careful though, a character cannot reject a mission without consequence. Based on the game and the character level, the Patron may become an enemy or simply threaten you to go on the mission. The next one offered may be worst!!!!!!

Remember, on top of treasures and such ... the characters are rewarded on the Missions with the opportunity to check Ignobles and advance.

So, from the Designing Missions and Designing Encounters books, the Referee can use the Tarot to generate a mission with the flip of a few Tarot cards. Or use your handly website for same.

The Big Steps

Generation and Offer: Ref Generates and Offers the mission. This is a good time for players to do their maintenance too. Is a bag of gold enough? Perhaps a ship? Or a crown of Mintarian Gems. Gain clues. Talk smack. Take the job or not.
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Encounter Phases: Three phases on the way to the Climax. But, in these "Phases" lots of things can happen. If the fates are with you, you may jump through them quickly ... or ... you could even fail the mission here. Someone beat you to it. This is where the journey is executed across Mount Weather Bad or through the Mines of Skull Duggery.

Climax Phase: This is the big finish. This can be a simple as a sword fight or as complex as a full underworld. The Ref has tools for this but can insert whatever they like.

Epilogue: After the baddie is dead and the loot collected, you still have to get home and deal with the loose ends. This is where you could take a dagger in the back from an agent of the now dead Rival or be swept off to sea by the Sea God Poseidon!!!! (Well if you have a Sea God Poseidon.) Read the fine manual.

Finally, how did you do? Yea, you killed the Dragon ... but is that what your Patron wanted you to do? This is where you make friends and enemies, get paid ... and ... perhaps start the next Mission.

Administer Affairs: Mentioned for Completeness but often forgotten ....Attend to your estates, clan, friends, foes, and family. Would it hurt to send Mom a nice card?

So, we used the fancy computer to do a few things and saved you a few clicks and some scribbles.

If you get an error, just run it again. We aren't curing cancer here. Just killing a few goblins in the sewers under Big Town.

Thanks for your Patronage.

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