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What is this Madness!!!

Spacegamer.com - Barony Underworld Mission:

This uses the Tarot Card to Generate a "Underworld" Mission on the Fly as described in Designing Fantasy Missions as part of the Barony Set. (Underworld means it is focused on an Underworld.) No attempt is made here to define each of the finer points.

To begin, determine who the mission is offered to and call them the Party Leader (to accept / reject Mission).

Note: This mission is temporary. Copy it out now if you want it.

Mission Title:

Party Leader:

- (Inverted) Queen Cups: Enchantress or Witch; a female that understands and uses the sciences of magic. Note: in some game systems, the term Priestess may better apply; a Witch worships goddess earth (nature) and prowess of women; they have no relationship with the psychotic forces that worship the Dark One. The female reference is important, because the chauvinism of most societies makes this woman a practitioner both despised and feared. If her ability is not kept in strictest secrecy, she has acquired incredible power that flaunts the fearful ignorance of the populace; such a person the players too should respect ("or will learn to respect"). Inverted, Whorehouse Madam or Common Street Pimp; without belaboring the obvious, in most fantasy worlds, vices like sexual services are an important trade item, especially when illegal and untaxed. The profit from such activities is worth greater risk. Treat this Patron like a guildmaster over illegal trade item vices (prostitution, gambling and potions) .

UnderWorld Mission:
- (Inverted) 7 Swords: Escort an immortal or magical criminal (person protected by supernatural forces) to a place of confinement and imprisonment in underworld; criminal somehow is rendered powerless (for the moment) by magical charms or devices ("the type that seem to fall off or wear off at the Climax"). Inverted, same but the underworld itself somehow prevents the criminal's powers (at least for now).

Obstacles (UW):
- (Inverted) 10 Swords: Researching Alchemist. Scholar that has forsaken his colleagues and tries to uncover the dark forces of magic and nature. Inverted, Dark Secrets. Scholar that spends his life reading and understanding the twisted sciences and Malevolent curses that have been created through the ages. Both of these men wish to be left alone or will kill to protect their studies.
- Justice: Traps in underworld have only the most horrific of penalties; do not accidentally set them off.

- 8 Coins: Revenge and retribution for another's deed. Inverted, revenge an old deed long forgotten by all but Patron.

- Knight Swords: Before financing the mission, the Patron will threaten the players --"take anything needed, but need what's taken"; players are well advised to limit their requests. Inverted, Patron threatens the players not to cheat him, but after this initial confrontation, he will become quite generous.

- Knight Rods: Underworld Explorer of Renown. Inverted, Raider or Conqueror.


On the way to the Mission Climax, the Party will travel through three game Phases which may be short or long (depending on the Tarot cards drawn). These represent the obstacles and challenges along the way to the Ultimate Climax of the Mission.

(A) Initial Successes:

(B) Challenges on the Journey:

(C) Final Travel to the Climax:

Climax Flow:
Referee creates the flow of the climax OR refer to Designing Fantasy Missions!!!

Come on Back and maybe we'll have a generator in for you. Otherwise, use the Temple and Castles from our Legacy tools. (Hey, or buy the books!!!!!)


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