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Q & D Example

Outlands Estates

Quick Notes

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(These come up in play pretty frequently.)

Make Rolls:
In any given battle, duel, siege, ship action or test of skills, each player may use a make-roll once.

Warped Outcome: When rolling a natural two (independent of mods) for Task Resolution, suffer half die 8 warped outcome.

Bold Trait:
- Each level advancement select one personal Swaggering; or lock an understood Swaggering as Glorious.
- Ignore the first forced Escape Method Surrender from failed events.
- Sacrifice, once per adventure, any Swaggering (including Longboat, not Glorious) to gain Fury Pip for one situation/battle. This bonus must be declared before rolling.
- Character is Shaken for one round, not for duration of combat.

Clever Trait:
- Each level advancement gain an extra skill (must have the corresponding Trait).
- Party shall collectively count the Clever, and Ignore one lost Swaggering forced Irregular or Quest Pip penalty each adventure per Clever character. Unlike other traits, there is no option to pass and accept the foul result. A single bad result that effects multiple player characters counts as a single event to cancel.

Energetic Trait:
- Gain Fury Pip bonus for any one situation or battle each adventure. This need not be taken at the start of
the fight. The bonus does not require a Swaggering sacrifice.
- At level five, the Trait will additionally create a Command Pip bonus anytime in a single combat.

Gifted Trait:
- Each level advancement gain one Wizardry, Blade or Mount Swaggering, or lock an understood Swaggering as
- Character may sacrifice, once per adventure, any Swaggering (including Longboat, not Glorious) to cancel a forced Warped Outcome. Result may be gifted to another player.

Methodical Trait:
- At the start of any adventure, add one longboat Swaggering for every Methodical character.
- Character may also ignore defensive modifier of enemy once each adventure.
- At level five, character my gain Catbird Seat at start of one battle during an adventure.

Rugged Trait:
- Ignore the first Vicious each adventure.
- At level five, this trait may instead be used to cancel anyone’s wound.

Double Up KING, QUEEN, KNIGHT, Optional
If the players ever receive two KING, QUEEN, or KNIGHT encounters in the same Phase, they can treat the second one as a TEN (Advance the Phase).

Fury +2, Tactics +1, Quest +1, Command +1 or 2, Catbird +3, Pinned -1, Shaken -2

Fury Pip x2 -- Choice to kill a half D8 enemies (one Large+) or grant someone else the Fury Pip.
Catbird Seat x2 -- Choice to kill a half D8 enemies (one Large+) or gain a Tactics Pip.
Command Pip x2 -- Gives everyone Catbird Seat.
Tactics Pip x2 -- Doubles the enemy losses inflicted by the party for rest of combat.

Tactics Pip (max +3): Applies to the whole party as a benefit. This is the only conditional result which grows. The first time the Tactics Pip applies, the advantage is plus one. With each addition, the result increases by yet another and another, up to a maximum benefit of plus three. This result lasts, until the battle ends or the deck shuffles.

Reminder of Swaggers Bonus for Calculated / Recitation
1-2 of category (none), 3-6=+1 dice ,7-9=+2 dice, 10-13=+3, 14+=+4

Battle, Military Engagements, Strategy Ignoble
In all cases the party must win and should involve some risk risk. Being wounded and obtaining an objective is okay for the middle levels. But for the very powerful (levels seven and eight) and the newly started (levels one and two), each must fight and win without suffering a vicious wound.

At upper levels must have some magic thrown at you.

Must also battle against more ferocious foes at each level.
(Large > Nasty > Horrible > Enchanted > Foul > Invincible > Heinous > Great antihero or monster (include "multiple" foes as an intermediate level.)

Make Roll may foul the ignoble.

Crafty Deeds, Cunning Execution of skills, Ingenuity Ignoble
Should never be checked during a Q&D Event or Combat

Heroics, Courage, Audacity, Vicious Wounds Ignoble
If you drop out of a quest wounded without this ignoble checked, the character can no longer advance.

Magic, Exposure, Use, Acquisition, Vanquish of Monstrosity Ignoble
Track the level of the magic in a rating of 1 to 20. Each subsequent level, the check should be for a higher level of magic.

Adventure Ignoble: Some must be wounded or have loss.

Bard's Tale Ignoble: At high level must have historical importance.

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