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Spacegamer.com - Standard Barony Mission:

This uses the Tarot Card to Generate a "Standard" Mission on the Fly as described in Designing Fantasy Missions as part of the Barony Set. (Standard means it is not focused exclusively on an Underworld.) No attempt is made here to define each of the finer points.

To begin, determine who the mission is offered to and call them the Party Leader (to accept / reject Mission).

Note: This mission is temporary. Copy it out now if you want it. (It pastes nicely into Word.)

Mission Title:

Party Leader:

- (Inverted) Knight Rods: Marshal of Land or General of Several Armies; a commander with size and number of armed units dependent upon the country he serves. The nation need not be at war, since large standing armies can be funded by large empires. This Patron is not an independent commander; he obeys the orders of his ruler (at least for the moment). Often, troops swear loyalty to a monarch and country, but their true allegiance is to a cause and a leader. His Mission need not relate to the movement of armies; this man may have personal affairs that he can not personally resolve (thus he solicits the players). Inverted, Chivalrous Knight; a warrior who has a code of honor by which he lives and fights. Chivalry in the face of such fantasy perversion as monsters and magic is hard to maintain -- the more gallant the man, the more powerful his individual prowess. Often Patron will aspire, but fall short of his moral code.

- 2 Rods: Join a pirate or Viking ship's crew. Inverted, join a warship that hunts pirates or sets off to destroy a Rival's ship.

- 2 Cups: Soldiers, considered the finest in the world, though a recent event has left their force scattered, become involved opposed to mission. Inverted, inquisitor seeking irreverent, those that believe in more than one god, becomes involved opposed to mission.

- (Inverted) 7 Rods: Single highly important or precious person, object, event or fact is at risk. Inverted, Patron fears for the security of something precious to him; success and Patron is elated -- permanent Friend.

- (Inverted) 8 Cups: Acts extravagant and highly cultured; wears fine cloths and jewelry, but has nothing else. Inverted, Patron outwardly poses as a rich and cultured fellow; but though he has a few servitors who likewise dress well, he has no means of support for the mission.

- (Inverted) 5 Swords: Slaver or Taskmaster. Inverted, Leader of City's Beggars and Thieves.


On the way to the Mission Climax, the Party will travel through three game Phases which may be short or long (depending on the Tarot cards drawn). These represent the obstacles and challenges along the way to the Ultimate Climax of the Mission.

(A) Initial Successes:

(B) Challenges on the Journey:

(C) Final Travel to the Climax:

Climax Flow:
Referee creates the flow of the climax OR refer to Designing Fantasy Missions!!!

Come on Back and maybe we'll have a generator in for you. Otherwise, use the Temple and Castles from our Legacy tools. (Hey, or buy the books!!!!!)


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