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Spacegamer.com - Standard Barony Mission:

This uses the Tarot Card to Generate a "Standard" Mission on the Fly as described in Designing Fantasy Missions as part of the Barony Set. (Standard means it is not focused exclusively on an Underworld.) No attempt is made here to define each of the finer points.

To begin, determine who the mission is offered to and call them the Party Leader (to accept / reject Mission).

Note: This mission is temporary. Copy it out now if you want it. (It pastes nicely into Word.)

Mission Title:

Party Leader:

- King Coins: Traveling Foreign Noble; landowner or baron, but one who is away from his jurisdiction. Mission often places the Patron in direct violation of the laws of the area. Inverted, Ambassador or Emissary; a person who represents the interests of a foreign monarch or powerful personage in another land. Mission may not relate to intrigue (though that's often the end result), and instead the Patron may be busy in counsel and needs players to handle personal matters.

- 8 Swords: Asked to perform a Mission in which at least one player is already involved; select a second card to detail this Mission (i.e. locate a thief; one that happen to have taken something earlier from the player). Inverted, perform a Mission in which one player is already involved, but he will not yet know the full impact. Player may personally benefit or lose from the Mission success (i.e. hide an item, that unknowingly was sought by a player's more knightly brother).
- (Inverted) High Priestess: Mission can only be completed by a female or with the help of one. Inverted, a male in female attire may also suffice.

- Knight Coins: Many different interest groups have banded together to oppose the mission. Inverted, the most unusual of people oppose the mission.
- (Inverted) Death: Untimely natural death will slay an important NPC during the mission (should not be Patron or Rival). Inverted, one player's favorite weapon will break during the Climax of this scenario.

- Ace Coins: Better oneself for past deeds or clear up loose end. Inverted, calm his conscious not add to the deceit.

- (Inverted) 6 Coins: Carries simplest of items, but knows contacts and Friends to acquire anything else. Inverted, though having many contacts and friends, Patron dislikes using favors; he can get anything, but players' need better be justified.
- (Inverted) Devil: Patron's troops, equipment and finances are exaggerated, broken, faulty, unloyal, poorly organized and disciplined, etc. Inverted, Patron's troops, equipment and finances are exaggerated, broken, faulty, unloyal, poorly organized and disciplined, etc; this becomes apparent at the worst of times.

- 2 Rods: Whore or Harlot. Inverted, Adulteress or Noble's Mistress.


On the way to the Mission Climax, the Party will travel through three game Phases which may be short or long (depending on the Tarot cards drawn). These represent the obstacles and challenges along the way to the Ultimate Climax of the Mission.

(A) Initial Successes:

(B) Challenges on the Journey:

(C) Final Travel to the Climax:

Climax Flow:
Referee creates the flow of the climax OR refer to Designing Fantasy Missions!!!

Come on Back and maybe we'll have a generator in for you. Otherwise, use the Temple and Castles from our Legacy tools. (Hey, or buy the books!!!!!)


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