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Spacegamer.com - Standard Barony Mission:

This uses the Tarot Card to Generate a "Standard" Mission on the Fly as described in Designing Fantasy Missions as part of the Barony Set. (Standard means it is not focused exclusively on an Underworld.) No attempt is made here to define each of the finer points.

To begin, determine who the mission is offered to and call them the Party Leader (to accept / reject Mission).

Note: This mission is temporary. Copy it out now if you want it. (It pastes nicely into Word.)

Mission Title:

Party Leader:

- (Inverted) 2 Coins: Performer, Juggler, or Singers of Poems; an entertainer. In fantasy world often these men can charm or use minor illusions to increase their deceptions. These men are also often paramours (illicit lovers) of powerful nobles (noblewoman) or fleeing prosecution for other minor crimes. Inverted, Artist or Sculptor; controversial figure who creates images that are craved by ruling nobles. Almost all of these men will have a more powerful Patron of their own, who will not approve of the artist's hiatus in work to conduct an adventure.
- High Priestess: Patron has a reputation for using sorcery. Patron is a controller of the forces of science and nature or the principles of magic; he could aid the players with protective incantations or devices of magical power. Inverted, secretly Patron has sorcerer powers; his magical offerings and protection will be limited, since he does not desire his ability to be discovered. Since the card is inverted, these powers may also tend toward the dark, demonic, necromantic or perverse.
- (Inverted) Force: Patron is physically superior to the norm, often a champion of fame for his strength, stamina and wrestling skills; he may instead be huge warrior or a giant. Inverted, Patron is weak, frail or possibly large, yet having a weakness (like a glass-jaw, one solid punch will bring him down) or cowardly.

- (Inverted) Knave Swords: Threaten or maim someone. Inverted, threaten or maim an innocent person, a relative or lover of the Mission's Rival.

- King Swords: Opposition will outnumber and outclass the players' forces in ever battle. Inverted, only in surprise engagements will the players be completely victorious; every other engagement will be won only at great cost.

- (Inverted) Knave Coins: Establish positions for additional tariffs or tolls. Inverted, justify additional taxes or tithes.
- Devil: Patron will require the players to eliminate all witnesses along the journey that discover his mission and motive. Inverted, by accepting the mission, the players themselves face death by the hand of their Patron at the end of the scenario -- Patron will attempt to silence the players as the last witnesses.
- Lovers: Patron's reasons are that of another; his motives are unimportant. Inverted, although Patron supports another, he has his own motives (pick an extra card "WHY??" to represent his own motives).

- (Inverted) Knight Cups: Controls or has access to a local armory. Inverted, Patron controls an armory, but it is ill-equipped or lacking variety.

- (Inverted) 5 Cups: Fortune Teller or Soothsayer. Inverted, Leader Society of Watchers.
- (Inverted) Star: Person is someone that one of the players knows from past dealings (former employer, Friend, Enemy, distant relative, etc.). Inverted, at least he thinks so; person is in fact a stranger.


On the way to the Mission Climax, the Party will travel through three game Phases which may be short or long (depending on the Tarot cards drawn). These represent the obstacles and challenges along the way to the Ultimate Climax of the Mission.

(A) Initial Successes:

(B) Challenges on the Journey:

(C) Final Travel to the Climax:

Climax Flow:
Referee creates the flow of the climax OR refer to Designing Fantasy Missions!!!

Come on Back and maybe we'll have a generator in for you. Otherwise, use the Temple and Castles from our Legacy tools. (Hey, or buy the books!!!!!)


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